Informative and well thought out instructional books for any bassist, from beginning to expert level. Written by Dave in an organized and entertaining style, Dave's books help any player from beginner to expert level, featuring techniques that will dramatically improve your bass capabilities, in a very short period of time.



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New Book: Shredding Electric Bass

It's time to take center stage to deliver all the pyrotechnics usually associated with six-string guitar shredders! Shredding Bass Guitar takes you there through in-depth lessons on building technique, dexterity, and speed. It shows you how to shred using chords, arpeggios, and scales, and covers heavy metal and funk techniques like tapping, string skipping, and slap & pop. Lessons and examples are in the styles of bass masters Billy Sheehan, Les Claypool, Steve Harris, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, and others. Shredding Bass Guitar provides a fresh perspective on the four-string electric bass and is a must-have for any bassist looking to take their playing to a new level. The accompanying CD features all the examples from the book.Features* In-depth lessons for developing technique, dexterity, and speed* For pick-style and fingerstyle players* Covers techniques like string skipping, tapping, two-handed tapping, wide-interval skipping, slap & pop, double thumbing, double popping, and more. David Overthrow is an author, educator, and virtuoso bassist.

The Versatile Bassist

Become a diverse and in-demand bass player by learning bass lines in a wide variety of styles from blues and reggae to funk and heavy metal, analysis of the styles and recordings of pioneering players, fun techniques such as fingerstyle funk, slap & pop, and two-handed tapping, how to really "lock in" with the drummer, and much more!





The Total Jazz Bassist New CD


The Total Jazz Bassist is a complete jazz method, giving equal treatment to both electric and double bass. Covering styles like bebop, Latin, funk and fusion, this book provides examples and lessons that will help you become a well-rounded bassist. The Total Jazz Bassist also covers theory, technique, tunes, solos, jazz styles, and includes great advice for practicing and doing business. You'll learn to develop walking bass lines, how to solo, bass lines and solo patterns for blues changes and major and minor "two-five-one" progressions, dominant 7th chord scales, approaches for playing "Rhythm Changes," and much, much more! This is the one place to get everything you need to make you not only a great jazz bassist but an asset to any band. A CD demonstrating the examples in the book is included.


Beginning Bass For Adults

Here is Dave’s new bass book, “Beginning Bass For Adults”
This book teaches bass from the very beginning and makes it easy to learn. Students will learn easy bass lines that they can use when playing in a group situation. Bass lines in a variety of styles including rock, funk, blues and reggae are found throughout the book.

The book also helps the student learn the fingerboard of their bass and learn how to read standard music notation. This is a tremendous tool for any beginning bassist of any age!

Here are six other great bass books including the acclaimed Complete Electric bass Method, the popular Slap & Pop ( A guide to modern funk techniques) and Beginning Blues Bass book and the 30 Day Bass Workout.


Beginning Electric Bass

Perfect for the bassist's who have gotten started and are ready to take the next step into contemporary styles. Also for experienced players who want to enhance their knowledge. Starting with a review of reading music, this book explains the basics of music theory as it relates to being a great bass player with an easy, step-by-step approach. Before you know it, you'll be using major scales, triads and 7th chords to create cool-sounding bass lines for the most important chord progressions all bassist's need to know. Learn the basics of blues and funk styles to lock in with a drummer. Students, teachers and self-taught players alike will enjoy this thorough, easy-to-use method.

96 pages Book & CD

Intermediate Electric Bass

This book is great for electric bassist's who have learned the basics and are ready to take the next step. Beginning with a brief review of reading standard music notation and TAB, this book takes you further into using scales to build bass lines, techniques such as slap & pop, string muting, and walking bass lines. You'll be introduced to ideas such as modes, tetrachords, passing tones and varying rhythmic activity. Author David Overthrow keeps things fun and interesting without sacrificing any important details. A must for any serious bass players.

96 pages Book & CD


Mastering Electric Bass

The conclusion to this power-packed electric bass method begins with a brief review of important concepts from the intermediate book. Designed to guide the student into high-level bass playing, this book makes advanced concepts like Rhythm Changes, tritone substitution, odd time signatures and chord playing easy to understand. Includes a study of Latin grooves, reggae, ska and advanced funk bass lines. Also covered are topics such as improvisation (soloing) and practicing. The perfect launching pad into a lifetime of great bass playing.

96 pages Book & CD


30-Day Bass Workout

This enjoyable and challenging exercise routine will prepare you for the rigors of contemporary bass playing and sharpen your technique. The strategy focuses on warm-ups and stretching, exercises for strength, agility and stamina, and specific techniques such as hammer-ons and pull-offs. Jam-packed with tried-and-true bassrobic exercises from the National Guitar Workshop curriculum, this book will build your technique, no matter what style of music you play. Don't let another day go by without making this a perfect addition to your bass library.

48 pages Book only


Slap & Pop Bass - A Guide to Modern Funk Techniques

Everything you need to know to get started playing hot slap & pop bass lines is in this single volume from renowned expert, David Overthrow. Following a clear and logical progression, each essential technique is covered individually, from hammer-ons and pull-offs to double pops and double stops. Your skills build gradually so learning is easy! Over 100 licks and grooves are provided, plus a special library of bass lines for additional fun.

The CD demonstrates all the music featured in the book.

48 pages Book and CD


Beginning Blues Bass

Everything you need to know to get started playing blues, blues patterns, and blues progressions.

This book is the perfect companion to any starter bass method and a great complement to the complete electric bass method, also written by Dave. Learn various grooves in both straight- and swing-eighth feels, all within the context of such styles rock blues, jazz blues, funk blues and more Highlights with lessons on scales and chords that era easy to understand, this abundant resource of blues bass lines not only adds to your vocabulary, but provides the tools you need to create great bass lines of your own for any practical playing situation.

The CD demonstrates all the music featured in the book.

48 pages Book and CD

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