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If you ar

If you are even remotely thinking about buying a high end bass, you MUST call Ron Blake! I contemplated a Fodera bass, visited their shop and played one. I then spoke with Ron and decided to work with Ron in selecting all of the materials from the woods, to electronics to

every little thing put into these unbelievable and incredible instruments.

Ron has built for me the finest basses I have ever played by far! Thanks Ron!

If you are interested in talking to Ron about building one of his hand made bass creations,
go to his web-site or give Ron a call at (860 567-8436) or go to his web-site



- Tuned E-A-D-G-C
- 34” in scale
- Maple neck – 5 piece (with Bubinga?)
- Maple Binding
- 1 7/8 “
- 3 1/8” at last fret
- Compound radius 12 at nut 17 at last fret
- Striped Ebony fingerboard
- Ash body
- Single cutaway
- Highly figured Curly Burl Maple
- Northstrand dual coil pickups (DC4) PJ configuration
- Bass pickups wired for both Parallel and Series with select switch
- Audere Preamp – Z switch
- Knobs for: 1 volume for each pickup, master volume, bass, low mid, high mid, treble
- Bypass switch
- Custom wooden knobs (Curly Burl Maple) –
- Custom wooden pickup covers (Curly Burl Maple) –
- Gotoh Bridge
- Hipshot Tuners
- Bolt on Neck
- Glossy Finish
- Straplocks
- Bass Clef pearl fretbaord inlays



(Click on Image for fullsize pic)



- 34” scale
- Mahogany body
- Highly figured spalted maple top
- Mahogany Body
- Ebony Fingerboard
- Custom wooden knobs (Zircote)
- Nordstrand PJ pickups
- Audere Preamp (Z switch)
- Knobs for: 1 volume for each pickup, master volume, bass, low mid, high mid, treble
- Bypass switch
- Maple neck 3 piece –
- Maple Binding
- 1 5/8 inches at nut- 2 5/8 at last fret
- 14 neck radius

The Claw Bass - 36-inch scale fretless

This bass has one of the most innovative body shapes I have ever seen. The bass is not only extremely light, weighing only 5 pounds, but is also perfectly balanced. Several types of wood was used to create this masterpiece. The bass is made of exotic Claro Walnut and solid Mahogany core. The bass has an 8 piece laminated body with spectacular walnut exterior laminates. Ebony and died Korina veneers add to the visual impact of this wonderful instrument. The bass has a 24 fret (fretless) Ebony fingerboard and the width of the neck is the same as a 1962 Fender jazz bass I used to own. This bass is visually appealling, has a great tone, is lightweight, and plays as well as any high-end bass I have played. Great Stuff!!

The Claw Bass 34" scale fretted bass

This is the "sister" bass to the fretless claw bass. This bass is also very light and perfectly balanced. Quilted maple is used for the top and back of this bass with a maple neck like the fretless, and a 24 fret ebony fingerboard. This bass also plays incredibly well and has a "growl" to it's tone because of the new model of EMG pickups that simulate the pre CBS Fender Jazz bass pickups. This is my workhorse bass. I use mostly this bass on my newly released record. It is great for funk, jazz, and blues gigs and also slapping and popping.


I endorse Ron Blake basses, SWR Sound and DR Handmade bass Strings.


Ron has built basses for Stanley Clarke (piccolo basses), Les Claypool (six string) and many other fine bass players. The basses that Ron has built for me, especially the “CLAW” basses are easily the finest basses I have ever played. Incredible craftsmanship, great sounding and well playing are all trademarks of Ron Blake basses.


SWR makes high-end bass amplifiers and speaker enclosures that are well built and sound great. I use the SM 500 and Goliath III speaker cabinets in addition to smaller amps for practice. I am extremely pleased with my SWR products.


DR strings are bright sounding and long lasting. I prefer the “Highbeams” and on occasion the “Fatbeams”





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