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Workshoplive is a tremendous resource. You can subscribe to and take some of my bass lessons whenever you want, night or day? You can revisit these lessons as many times as you want. The lessons are presented with streaming video, musical examples, exercises, warm-ups, and printable graphics. Check it out!

Alfred Publishing

Alfred Publishing teamed up with National Guitar Workshop to jointly publish six of my seven bass books. Alfred also published my three instructional DVD’s.

National Guitar Workshop

I have a long history with these guys, as I have been an instructor here since its inception in 1983. I can boast that I am one of the original faculty members of the workshop. It is here that I am director of the Bass Summit each summer and offer bass seminars over the course of each summer.

Tim Ferguson

Tim is an old friend who I have taught with at the Guitar workshop, and has recently co-authored a book with myself called "Total jazz Bass". Tim is an outstanding bass player and educator.

DR Handmade Strings

I also endorse this company and use their strings exclusively. They have a tremendous tone and an extensive life. I use these strings on all of my basses.

SWR Bass Amplifiers

I have used SWR bass amplifiers for the last 10 years. I endorse their product not only because they sound great and offer an incredibly warm tone but they are also rugged. My SWR 500 has been through more than you can imagine and is still going strong.

Ron Blake Guitars

I first met Ron at the National Guitar Workshop in 1985. At that time he was a building basses with Carl Thompson. While with Carl Ron would build the necks of the basses and Carl would build the bodies of the instruments. I had seen some of the beautiful instruments he created including a piccolo bass for Stanley Clarke of which Ron built the neck for. He later built the neck for the fretless six string bass Les Claypool plays.

Ron later split with Carl to build his own handmade basses. It was then that Ron built a fabulous four string fretless bass for me. After playing the amazing instrument for only seconds without hesitation I agreed to endorse his handcrafted basses.

I can’t say enough about what a great human being Ron is and his love for crafting basses. If you are considering an getting a bass, check him out before you do anything. You will be glad you did.

Bar None Studio

This studio is where I recorded my first CD “In The Pocket” Colin Tilton (Van Morrison) owns this studio. Check it out.

Bass Guitar Magazine

I have been a staff writer for this great magazine since 2002. This magazine is the best of all of the bass guitar publications. Each issue offers great insight into playing the bass from many points of view and is filled with interviews, instructional columns, informative product reviews and more. I highly recommend this bass publication to anyone who is enthusiastic about the bass.





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