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Dave at Bass Seminar in L.A.

Dave plays one of his tunes at NGW

Dave with slide great Sonny Landreth

Dave, Sonny Landreth, Ernie Durawa

Dave and Steve Bailey with 6 Strings

Dave doing bass magic with Billy Sheehan

Dave with Goeff Hartwell

Dave and Stu Hamm after a Long Day!

Dave with Billy Sheehan

Dave In Action at NGW

Dave Performing at NGW

Dave Playing one of his tunes at NGW

Dave Talking Shop with Stu Hamm

Dave live at Molly Darcy's Danbury, CT

Stu checking out daves playing at NGW

Dave & Bootsy

Dave performing with Stanley Clarke


Dave and Alphonzo Johnson. Alphonzo is a former bassist of the group Weather Report, has toured with Wayne Shorter and too many others to mention. He currently does tours with Carlos Santana

Dave performing a solo bass piece at one of his shows.

Harry Ellis (L), Ron Blake (C) and Dave with his extraordinary 6 String

Dave with Stanley Clarke

Dave with Bootsy





Dave warms up before the show



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